Stylist Lucinda Chambers • Designer Paloma Wool • Artist John Booth • Stylist Camille Bidault-Waddington • Ice-Cream Maker Kitty Travers • Jewellery Designer Joy BC • Shoots by Osamu Yokonami • Juliette Abitbol • Edouard Sanville • Lotte Van Raalte • Damien Maloney • Josie Gealer Ng • Josh Shinner • Alannah Cooper

M±±N Magazine* is an independent publication that celebrates creatives, artists, designers - people we find inspiring. Alongside interviews are essays by various writers and pages of beautifully shot editorials.

* Moon is best viewed in its printed form.

Actress and singer Lola Kirke • Collector and Publisher Mary Randolph Carter • Chef Carter Were • Designer Rejina Pyo • Coffee Roaster Jack Coleman • A story about a lost earring • Shoots by Gemma Booth • Josie Gealer • Josh Shinner • Juliette Abitbol • Amber Mahoney • Sam Copeland